Shareen Mayers Reviews The Literacy Box

Shareen Mayers explains how The Literacy Box can support teachers with comprehension and SPaG strategies across the school.

Shareen Mayers is a primary English adviser and former lead English adviser for a successful LEA. She regularly teaches in the classroom, providing in-school support and training, and is an established writer and editor.

What are the main challenges that teachers face when preparing for English lessons?

Having worked with several schools and LEAs, I find that the real challenge is sourcing whole texts and finding the extra time to pick out the grammar, punctuation and spelling aspects within these. Catering to the different learning needs of all pupils in a classroom is also a challenge. Therefore, teachers are looking for high-quality resources that address key components of the curriculum, that they
can use with all their pupils.

How can The Literacy Box assist teachers with these challenges?

The Literacy Box has a range of fiction and non-fiction texts that are differentiated and ready to use. These high-interest texts engage pupils and their imaginations. Each box includes question cards with a focus text, followed by comprehension, word and grammar questions in context. The multiple choice format allows pupils to work independently and self-assess their work, freeing up the teacher’s time to work with individuals and/or groups.