How will The Comprehension Box benefit your classroom?




How will The Comprehension Box benefit your classroom?


  • Benchmarked against the new curriculum to monitor progression.
  • No preparation required, saving the teacher’s time.
  • Differentiated materials for teachers to access and to ensure all pupils are challenged.
  • Pupil-led resource – self-marking allows pupils to work independently.


  • Allows pupils to apply their comprehension skills across a wide range of text types.
  • Builds vocabulary and reading stamina – notable progress within a two month period.
  • Huge emphasis on understanding the meaning of words in context.
  • Provides practice with a wide range of questions; for example, retrieving information and making inferences.
  • Ensures pupils read widely across fiction and non-fiction.

What’s in each box?

  • 150 colourfully illustrated cards with texts covering a variety of genres and text types.
  • Questions on the back of each card.
  • 15 colour-coded sections.
  • Pupil Tracking Sheet Pad.
  • Questions on the back of each card.
  • Answer cards.
  • A comprehensive Teachers guide providing suggestions on how to explicitly teach comprehension strategies along with answers, and pupil and teacher recording sheets.
  • Scope-and-sequence chart identifies the card colour and number, shows what strategies are addressed on the card for the teacher to see at a glance, and can help when planning programmes of work.
  • Progression Guides will indicate where to start your pupils in the box and pupil progress can be monitored using the assessmentsDownload the Progression Guides here.

Prepare and practise for the SATs with The Comprehension Box. 

The Comprehension Boxes can help you in your classroom today, assisting you to teach twelve comprehension strategies including inference, finding information, fact and opinion through fiction and non-fiction texts.

Working through these cards will lead to increased confidence when sitting a test as pupils will have had consistent practice using and applying the different comprehension strategies.


In This Series:

    • The Comprehension Box 1 – Age 7-8+ – Code: RIC6946 ISBN- 9781741268393
    • The Comprehension Box 2 – Ages 9-10 – Code: RIC6947 ISBN- 9781741268409
    • The Comprehension Box 3 – Ages 11+ – Code: RIC6948 ISBN- 9781741268416